Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunset Behind the Mountains - Paper Towel Art

This picture is made with watercolored paper towels. I first wet the plain white paper toweling and laid it flat, tearing it into several pieces. While it was still damp or semi-saturated, I began distributing different colors of watercolor and watched it migrate across the wet toweling. Adding different combinations of color in the same hue gave it a lot of variation. When dry, I began to tear and place the pieces until I came up with the above image. They are attached minimally to allow the tops of the pieces to float above the base cardstock. The finished size is 6" X 7".

Valentine Fiber Art Postcards

Inspired by the upcoming Valentine's Day, I made the following fiber art postcards. Each is 4" x 6", regular fabric, embellished with silk flowers, rubber stamped muslin and fused to siffy-felt with wonder-under. I backed each with plain white paper and serged around the edges.

Happy Valentine's Day

Copyright-free digital image on photo-transfer to muslin.

Red print fabric background. Rubber stamped greeting on muslin.

Puffy heart is of red embossed velvet, stuffed with fiberfil.

Embellishment is Squiggles Fabric Paint in Diamond Glitter.

Red fabric background. Cut out of Battenburg motif,

hand-stitched to red. Center heart is embossed red velvet with

tiny pearl beads. Addition of Diamond Glitter fabric paint to

accent shape of heart.

Heart fabric background. Rubber-stamped image defining

"Friend" fused to base and outline with metallic trim.

"LOVE" rubber-stamped image on muslin in top right corner.

Addition of silk flower with button center.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Huntington Beach, California

It was hazy the morning we went and rode bicycles along the beach.

Of course I had to have my photo with Karen in front of the fountain at South Coast Winery in Temecula wine country.

Kevin & Karen fix really delish cuisine in this dream kitchen.

And of course, my grandson Kevin.

During our tour of the wineries in Temecula, we found this great arbor that was just meant for photo ops.

High Up in Jerome

The view of Jerome as we approached from Cottonwood. It's nestled high up in the mountains.

This is one of the quaint shops along our journey up and down the streets.

We went even higher up and found this spot where you could look down on Cottonwood.

From our previous visit in 2003, I remembered this pink brick hotel. My brother-in-law took and framed an awesome photo of one of its windows. So I took this one and will be in the process of framing it for myself.

Visiting the Red Rock Country

Of course, we had to go and visit Sedona.

Are these rocks kissing?

Even the rear of some shops is decorated!!

Our Travelling Vacation

My, My, My!!! It's been close to 2 months since I had time to share anything with the world. We've been 3500 miles, through 3 states and seen the Pacific Ocean since I last updated this blog. What a beautiful, though sometimes bleak, landscape between Fort Worth and Los Angeles. Much better to fly - any day! Nevertheless, we thought we'd take a travelling vacation in our Camper. We first spent 2 weeks in Verde Valley Arizona (outside Cottonwood). We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband and then travelled on to Huntington Beach, California (first stopping in Banning, CA for the night). We spent a week with our daughter, Karen and her husband, Kevin, & son Kevin, Jr. (no longer called Little Kev). Kalyn was still in Rhode Island and not due home til the 20th. Sorry to have missed her. We enjoyed so many things in Hungtington Beach in our short stay with them. Just look at the photos below.