Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Geometric MADI in Dallas

Taylor chose this painted aluminum sculpture by Heather Marcus as his favorite piece.
Lexi chose this painted metal cityscape with cutouts and lights as her favorite piece.
Admiring the amazing mixed media work of Pamela Nelson.
The design and use of jewels, sequins, paint, etc. was outstanding.
A Sunday afternoon excursion to the Geometric MADI
museum near uptown in Dallas is exciting for my
artistically inclined grandchildren. Taylor is now a
member and this was Lexi and Jessica's first time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One-day setback to Spring

Unsual snowfall on the first day of Spring. I saw this Robin with feathers all fluffed out, enduring the cold wet stuff that shocked us all overnight. Do you see the Robin?  He's nestled between the two stubs of a tree.
 We received about 5" but it was gone in 24 hours. Now we're expecting 70 degrees today.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - SPRING !

Yellow is such a special color and what a refreshing sign that SPRING is really here in North Texas.

I've planted both Pansies and Violas in the fall, but the Violas (or Johnny Jump-ups) always outshine the Pansies the next Spring. 

Monday, March 8, 2010


"INSPIRATION" comes from the Latin word meaning "to blow" or "breathe upon."  The authors of these fabulous publications and articles within have been deeply inspired to create. I love to sit and muse through the beautiful  creations and techniques waiting for just the right "breath of creation" to waft into my mind for my next project.  I do, however, have a very bad habit of looking for the next project before I completely finish the current one. Ahhhhhh, but these books (and many more) are just awe-inspiring! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Change of Seasons

 We had abundant snow in Texas this winter. These photos show the contrast between this beautiful view outside the East Texas town of Quitman in April 2009 and January 2010.