Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flag Books

I attended a mini-workshop with the Dallas Area Fiber Artists last month. Sheila Cunningham taught us how to make little "flag books."  Simple and versitle. I had to try my hand at it. I had an old calendar with little pictures of US Flags and other patriotic images, so that was my first inspiration.  The name "flag" comes from the interior of the books when opened and all the little "flags" pop up and move in opposite directions.  I plan to make special Christmas themed books this fall in time for gifts.
Patriotic flag book

Inside of the patriotic flag book. The spine is accordian folded and the little "flags" pop up when the book is opened. Size: 3" x 5". 

50th Anniversary flag book. Size 3" x 5"

Inside of the 50th Anniversary flag book, which is made for my sister's 50th anniversary celebration this month.